When dining out there are many different things to consider. Things such as where to go, cost,  family friendliness, etc. For many the most important factor is affordability.  Even for those who have a bit to spend, menu prices remain a significant part of the dining out experience. Chili’s is a southwestern-style restaurant providing American and Tex-Mex inspired cuisine.  Chilis menu prices may be considered competitive amongst similar restaurant chains and these prices may also vary between different locations of the same Chili’s restaurant.

Chilis menu prices could be affected by lunch and dinner combinations which are a way for the restaurant to provide flexible meal options to its customers and also attract new customers with their ability to provide two of more dish samples in one plate of food or through one meal order.  Chili’s restaurant popular meal combinations, which are popularly referred to as ‘combos’, include burger bites, soups, BLT sandwiches and pizza.  Chili’s menu prices may also differ based on portion sizes that customers order.  For instance, customers are welcomes to choose between a half or full rack of baby back ribs.  The style of ribs can also determine the price of the item on Chili’s menu.  In addition, there are different ranges of steak meal options that can make prices vary at the restaurant.  Chilis menu prices are designed to reward and attract customers.  Hence, there are numerous dining deals that people could take advantage of such as $20 dinner for two coupons and $6 lunch combos.

Discounted $6 lunch combos are typically only available during the lunch hour and can be provided in standard lunch portions consisting of various food options such as burger bites, sandwiches, quesadillas and home-style fries. There may be pizza lunch combo offers too at about $6 a meal.   Appetizers and flatbreads are also a popular menu item at Chili’s restaurant.  Chilis menu prices in the area of appetizers and flatbreads range from $3 to $10 and may include menu items like California grilled chicken flatbread, Margherita flatbread, jumbo soft pretzels, loaded potato skins, skillet Queso and chips.  Steaks on the menu can be somewhat pricier depending on the portion size.  For instance, Chili’s classic 6 oz sirloin steak is typically priced at $10.99 while the larger 10 oz classic sirloin steak may be sold purchased at $15.99.

Other flavorful steak such as the Classic Ribeye marbled steak are usually more expensive that the simple classic steaks.  The kids’ menu at Chili’s features a ton of items such as 6-inch pizzas that are typically under $5.  The consistent prize and applicable portion sizes for kid menu items help to make ordering less chaotic or confusing. Chilis menu prices are available at local restaurants or a printable menu with prices may be downloaded online from Chili’s restaurant websites �� ie��” #pan style=’mso-spacerun:yes’>  Thus, when it comes to favorite meal options at Chili’s, this may simply include any meal option that is available as at discounted price.

Chili’s Menu Favorites

Restaurants usually have menu favorites that keep people coming back for more tasty goodies.  Chili’s is not different and has probably been made famous by its delicious baby back ribs and catchy advertising tunes.  With a large Tex-Mex themed menu and Chilis menu prices that can range from a few dollars to much more, there are many Chili’s menu favorites to chose from.  The popularity of Chili’s menu options can be seen through various attempts at trying to copy and re-make the dishes.

Favorites from Chili’s  menu includes Monterey chicken, garlic lime shrimp, buffalo wings, baby back ribs, chipotle chicken crispers, black beans, egg rolls, fajitas, tacos and much more.  There are also dessert favorites including cheesecake and chocolate lava cake.  For different people, there may be different menu favorites.  However, what everyone would certainly agree on is how delicious each favorite dish is.  Full of flavor, fresh ingredients and Chilis menu prices that provide a wide range of options, the restaurant’s trademark menu favorites also include juicy hamburgers and a Margarita bar.  The Blackberry Margarita has been hailed as a delicious menu item.  Another Chili’s menu favorite is quesadilla salad with a blend of flavors that can satisfy even the most sensitive palette.  However, if salads are not really desired at any particular visit to the restaurant, there are still tons of favorite foods at Chili’s to choose from.  Sizzling plates of steak combined with lime shrimp have also been highly recommended by Chili’s customers.

Food and drinks at this southwestern styled restaurant are typically described as decent.  However, service time could vary in different restaurants.  With food that is usually quite good, restaurant patrons may still find Chili’s menu prices a bit steep.  Hence, to help maintain a steady set of loyal customers and also attract new customers to the restaurant, Chili’s restaurant periodically offers special meal options, coupons and discounts to reward customers and help make the dining experience at the restaurant memorable.   Also, with the large list of menu items, it may be difficult to choose a favorite dish.  Navigating Chili’s menu prices through the use of coupons and discounts may help provide customers with the opportunity to try out various dishes at a reasonable or reduced cost.

In addition, it is useful to note that while Chili’s and other restaurant do have some reputable favorite meal options, meals may have be prepared somewhat differently from normal or by less experience restaurant staff.  Thus, a Chili’s restaurant menu item which may have been hailed as superb by many people may not guarantee the same response by everyone.  Also, noting that there are different kinds of palettes and taste buds, opinions about Chili’s menu favorites could differ reflecting the customer preferences.  From southwestern egg-rolls to baby back ribs, for the most part, there will most likely be something nice to order from the Chili’s menu.  Nevertheless, Chilis menu prices do still remain a significant consideration.  Thus, when it comes to favorite meal options at Chili’s, this may simply include any meal option that is available as at discounted price.

Television and radio adverts may also be used to promote special offers from Chili’s restaurants.  These offers could be for price discounts or fro free products.  Being able to lower the costs of mouth-watering delights from Chili’s restaurant could go a long way in further enhancing the time spent in this Tex-Mex, southwestern-style restaurant. Using coupons and discounted offers helps the restaurant attract new customers and maintain its current loyal customers.

Ways To Save At Chili’s


Dining out can be expensive. Although the food bill and expenses may not seem immediately high, over a period of time dining out can really begin to add up. Paying full prices for every meal when you go out can put a damper on your wallet.  In addition, feeding the whole family at a restaurant could also triple or quadruple any budget.  Hence, what are ways through which you can save at Chili’s restaurant?  How can you tackle the Chilis menu prices and come out on top?

While it may not be possible to save all the time, there are ways to get a bargain and keep more money in your wallet.  One of the best ways to save at Chili’s is to find out from the restaurant staff whether there are any ongoing specials and discounts off regular Chilis menu prices.  Simply asking employees of the restaurant about coupons or special offers before placing a food order could reveal surprising information and great savings.  In some restaurant locations, restaurant staff may offer such information freely to restaurant patrons or inform them of limited time offers.

To get discounts off Chilis menu prices, restaurant visitors may also seek information from the restaurant’s website. is a good place to start for Chili’s restaurants in the United States.  For Chili’s restaurants in other countries, restaurant visitors may need to search online for any associated websites.  For instance, the Chili’s restaurants in Canada may be located through the website.  Each website usually has information about special offers and discounts, if available.   The restaurant’s discounts or offers may also be referred to as house specials.  Examples of such specials include $25 feeds two, $20 dinner for two, happy hour where patrons enjoy some money off cocktails, beer and wine.  Special offers may also include complimentary chips and salsa.  Sometimes, asking about special offers may quite possibly bring one of these free bowls of chips your way.

Another way to save off Chilis menu prices is to search for coupons and information online.  Sometimes, such searches through popular search engine may reveal promising links and coupons.  Sometimes, these links may bring the searcher back to Chili’s website.  At other times, coupons and discount offers found online may simply be printed for use in the restaurant or online coupons may be used when ordering online from the Chili’s website.

Apart from actual discounts from menu option prices, individuals and families may also be able save by making certain choices off the menu including sharing an appetizer.  Sometimes, there are specific Chili’s menu coupons that specifically allow people to share an appetizer and also share two full-size entrees.  Television and radio adverts may also be used to promote special offers from Chili’s restaurants.  These offers could be for price discounts or fro free products.  Being able to lower the costs of mouth-watering delights from Chili’s restaurant could go a long way in further enhancing the time spent in this Tex-Mex, southwestern-style restaurant. Using coupons and discounted offers helps the restaurant attract new customers and maintain its current loyal customers.

About Chilis

Chili’s Grill & Bar, popularly known simply as Chili’s, has headquarters in Texas and specializes in American and Tex-Mex cuisine. Founded by Larry Levine, the Chili’s restaurant has locations scattered across the United States. The Southwestern-styled restaurant can also be found in regions across Canada and other international locations such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Mexico, South Korea and Germany. Promoting an atmosphere of casual dining and an informal setting, the restaurant has a variety of meal options on its menu including a vegetarian and allergen menu. Famous for its signature baby back ribs, the Chili’s brand has also been made popular by television advertisement jingles and tunes that make a good attempt at really sticking in a person’s head. A place to have a good time with good food at good prices – this is the idea that Chili’s promotes and makes an effort to adhere too.

Chili’s menu prices in most of its restaurant locations may generally be considered reasonable and there are usually special offers and discount offering available at various times during the year. For instance, a popular specific offer is the $20 dinner for two. Information about meal discounts and menu offerings may be found online at or also by visiting the nearest Chili’s restaurant location. Visitors to the restaurant, online or in-person, may also sign up for Chili’s Email Club for information about the restaurant’s latest happenings, special offers, Chili’s menu prices and new menu options. By joining the restaurant’s Email Club, customers may also get a free Skillet Queso and Chips order.

Online ordering is available in most Chili’s restaurants and there are mobile apps that make ordering items off the Chili’s menu easier. Taking a break out of the ordinary, Chili’s menu usually features flatbreads, appetizers, soups and chili, lighter choices such as grilled chicken salads and margarita grilled chicken, other salads, sandwiches, steaks, ribs, burgers, pizzas and seafood. There are also southwest grill options like quesadillas, fajitas and tortillas. Restaurant visitors may also request customized combinations such a half rack of baby back ribs. This wide range of options does keep loyal restaurant patrons coming back for more. Of course, menu options are hardly complete without a delicious dessert and Chili’s also provide adequate menu options to choose from including cakes, pie, cookies and sundaes.

Complete nutritional guides are available for each menu option. There is a kids’ menu with healthy food options that make family outings even more pleasurable and adequate for entire family. The comprehensive nutrition guide can be a great place to start when seeking satisfying and healthy meal options. Constantly trying to spice things up is what Chili’s does with new flavors and inviting spaces that highlight the restaurant’s southwest heritage. The signature southwest look of the restaurant from the rich color palette that adorns the walls and the Tex-Mex feel of the restaurant go a long way in ensuring that Chili’s stands out from other restaurants. With a desire to maintain the constant influx of loyal customers, Chili’s menu prices remain competitively affordable and the restaurant may also have party platters available which can be quite convenient when hosting a party.

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